Wheelchair calls from a member of the House of Lords

On Wednesday a member of the House of Lords asked three questions relating to Wheelchair issues and the same Minister responded to him. The person who asked the questions is Philip Hunt who is a Labour member on the House of Lords and he is also the Deputy Leader of the House of Lords. According to a Wikipedia page he became a works study officer for the Oxford Regional Hospital Board back in 1972 soon after his degree and he became the first Secretary of Edgware and Hendon Community Health Council. He was the first Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, and previously Director of the National Association of Health Authorities and Trusts (NAHAT) from its formation in 1990. In 1993 he was appointed to the Order of the British Empire as an Officer (OBE) for “services to the NHS”. The Minister who responded to him is Nick Markham who was born in Haywards Heath so he will be very aware of Maria Caulfield who is the Lewes MP that he mentioned in the answer to the first question below. The question can be obtained from here.

Lord Hunt Q: To ask His Majesty’s Government where ministerial responsibility lies for NHS Wheelchair Services.

Lord Markham A: Maria Caulfield MP is the minister responsible for NHS Wheelchair Services. As Minister for Mental Health and Women’s Health Strategy, disabilities including autism are part of her portfolio. The minister has held this role since 27 October 2022.

The other two written questions came from Philip and they were responded with one joint answer. These can be obtained from here.

Lord Hunt Q1: To ask His Majesty’s Government what steps they are taking to ensure that Integrated Care Boards adopt the Wheelchair Charter, as supported by NHS England.

Lord Hunt Q2: To ask His Majesty’s Government what processes have been established within Integrated Care Boards to audit Wheelchair Service standards of service.

Lord Markham joint A: Integrated care boards (ICBs) are responsible for the development, provision and commissioning of local wheelchair services. NHS England has committed to develop a framework for ICBs to support them in commissioning effective, efficient and personalised wheelchair services. The framework will include the updated Wheelchair Charter. Regarding the processes established within individual ICBs to audit Wheelchair Service standards of service, the Government does not hold this information centrally.

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