EU Settlement Scheme by the Lord Hannan

Last Monday there was a discussion in the House of Lords under the headline of EU Settlement Scheme and Lord Daniel Hannan spoke about it along with some of the others in the House of Lords. Daniel spent many years representing our region in the EU as the leader of the Conservative group and I found many of his responses then very frustrating. Here is his statement in the House of Lords

My Lords, some people will always blame Britain and never Brussels. One of the reasons that this case came to court is because we have the independent monitoring authority, run by Sir Ashley Fox, a former colleague of mine and of the noble Baroness, Lady Ludford. It has a budget of £5.5 million and 50 staff and has been working assiduously to ensure that EU nationals in the UK enjoy their full rights under the treaty. There is no equivalent body. It is supposedly the Commission that does it on other the side with a couple of people there.

and then someone asked the question “Question!” and he then went on and stated

Romania has exactly the same scheme as we do. The Commission has not begun enforcement proceedings. Will my noble friend the Minister press for a measure of symmetry in the treatment of UK nationals in the European Union?

One of his colleagues Simon Blidworth who is the Minister for the Home Department then responded.

I entirely agree with my noble friend and can reassure him that the department works very closely with our colleagues in Brussels in relation to the protection of the rights of UK nationals within the European Union.

It reminds me that after the voting in 2016, that there were expectations that we would have another opportunity to respond and tragically we have never been invited to respond to the Government and they are now satisfying their views but the impact to our Nation has been very significant.

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