Our city does not have a permanent driving test centre

On Thursday Douglas Chapman the SNP MP from Dunfermline and West Fife, asked three questions about his own location and the response came from Richard Holden who is the Department for Transport Minister and his response included on a focus of “Name of city that does not have a permanent driving test centre (DTC)” and that was reflected by “Name of nearest DTC” and amongst another list of locations he stated that Brighton and Hove did not have a DTC and that our nearest DTC is Lancing. So here are the questions and the answer which was provided on Thursday.

Douglas Chapman: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport,

  1. how many driving test appointment slots are available each week in (a) the Dunfermline and (b) the Kirkcaldy Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency test centre.
  2. what the average waiting time for a DVSA practical driving test was in (a) Dunfermline and (b) Kirkcaldy in each of the last 12 months.
  3. how many cities do not have a full time DVSA driving test centre.

Richard Holden: Based on demand, Dunfermline driving test centre operates 3 days per week, and Kirkcaldy operates 5 days per week.

On average, there are 78 driving test slots available per week at Dunfermline test centre, and 138 at Kirkcaldy. Driving examiners are deployed between the two test centres to balance out driving test waiting times.

The average waiting time for a practical car test at Dunfermline, and Kirkcaldy is 12 weeks, which is less than the current national average. As of 20 March 2023, there were 153 and 425 driving tests available at Dunfermline and Kirkaldy respectively.

Based on customer demand, 60 cities, out of 70, have permanent driving test centres. The ten that do not are listed below, alongside their nearest test centre. The only cities without a driving test centre within 15 miles are Wells and St Davids.

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