Pension entitlement for women born in the 1950s

The MP for Knowsley based near Liverpool, George Howarth was one of a number of MPs who raised an Early Day Motion at the last day of the Easter break for Parliament. The people who raised their EDMs on 30th March did not manage to get any support from them and as it happens one of the others was referred to in my blog yesterday. However this one from George was entitled Pension entitlement for women born in the 1950s and on the first Monday (17th April) he obtained support from 31 other MPs who endorsed this to call for the Government to change their approach. However back on 20th April one of the SNP MPs withdraw from the document. However following on from that day there have now been a total of 50 MPs that have endorsed the document along with the signature from George Howarth. The text for his EDM is:

That this House notes with great concern that women born in the 1950s have been found to have been subjected to direct discrimination and maladministration as a consequence of having their entitlement to receive their state pensions at 60 revoked; further notes that 3.8 million women have been adversely affected by this policy and have been unjustly treated; recognises that there is a case for considering the use of an Alternative Disputes Resolution process, including representatives of all of the women affected; and calls on the Government to give urgent and sympathetic consideration to this proposed potential way forward.

The first 5 MPs that sign EDMs are people who support the motion as the sponsors and they are Kim Johnson, Jonathan Edwards, Dan Carden, Nadia Whittome and Apsana Begum. All of them are Labour MPs although Jonathan is now an Independent. Two of them along with George are also from Merseyside. The other 26 MPs included SDLP, Liberal Democrat, DUP, Plaid Cymru, SNP and also another Independent and they include 3 other Merseyside MPs.

On Tuesday 18th April another 7 MPs signed it, which are 5 Labour and 2 SNPs. Then on Wednesday 19th April another 2 MPs have signed it, which is a Labour and DUP. On Thursday 20th April Jeremy Corbyn signed the document and on Friday 21st April Kenny MacAskill the Alba Party MP signed it.

On Monday 24th April another 7 MPs endorsed the document which included Caroline Lucas, the Green MP from Brighton and Rosie Duffield, the Conservative MP for Canterbury so it was great that a Sussex and Kent MPs have signed it. The other five MPs were another 3 Labour MPs and a DUP and Alba Party MP.

Two days later on Wednesday 26th April Debbie Abrahams the Labour MP from Oldham signed it.

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