I live in Brighton and work throughout the South East (Sussex, Surrey and Kent and parts of London). I have what could be described as a portfolio career with roles in the private and voluntary sector and I even write a weekly Column in our local Daily Paper called the Argus. I am particularly interested in matters of public policy, but have no political party affiliations although my views are generally described as left of centre by many people.

My origins are from the North end of Liverpool – a place called Crosby made famous by Shirley Williams who became the first SDP MP and more recently by Anthony Gormley who placed 100 metal casts of his own body onto the local Beach which has had mixed views from local residents whose taxes have been increased as a result. On the other hand they get a lot more publicity and visitors.

All of the views expressed in this Blog are mine and should not be confused with those of my employer or any group to which I belong.


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  2. john elliott says:

    I’d like to explain the two areas we disagree because I believe You’ll agree with me. I’m not in favour of low wages. I’m in favour of choice. People have different needs through out their lives. For example an elderly person on the state pension, might love to have an easy job that suits him socially but has a low rate of pay. An extra £50 a week on the state pension would change his/her living standards and the job, which is easy, makes him/her feel better. These jobs have gone because the living wage means we as well have some one younger and stronger who can do more, this also applies to the inexperienced young and stay at home parents etc. Finally The state pension is about a quarter of the living wage we’d be better increasing that because many of these people aren’t able to make the choices of younger people. Finally finally I also think it distorts the economy. We have created a culture of entitlement rather than opportunity. Of course we need to help those less able but that will be better done if we had a strong economy with people being paid on delivery.
    have a nice Friday.

    • ianchisnall says:

      Hi John, I feel very honoured you read my piece and hope you felt that I represented your story well. I am not sure that paying a minimum wage (I don’t accept that the Governments MW is a living wage due to my own work with the Living Wage campaign) creates a culture of entitlement and would like to understand why you do. However your comment about work for people over a certain age who are perhaps not wanting to work at the same rate as we might expect from someone below that age does have some resonance. I guess in some ways it is the opposite end of the age spectrum from apprenticeships. I don’t see how this applies though to people who are stay at home for other reasons. Your work shows that you care for the whole community, not just those that are economically available 9-5 5days a week. The Mininum wage does not prevent you employing people for fewer hours than the conventional 40 or 37.5

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