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Adding insult to injury

The decision to award Andy Coulson a custodial sentence for his crimes and misdemeanours is hardly one that his old employer would argue with if they had an ounce of integrity. The News of the World and other News International papers … Continue reading

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Sentences I don’t understand

The value of custodial sentences for Andy Coulson and his fellow conspirators is surely questionable. As a society that locks up far more people than most of our neighbours his punishment is something that is hard to justify in terms of the best … Continue reading

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Best is simply not good enough!

It is incredibly disappointing that the new Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport has so quickly sent out a message that the reforms of the Press following Levenson have gone as far as they need to. This is a … Continue reading

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The compromise in British Policing

It seems clear that one of the reasons why Neil Wallis was appointed as advisor to the Metropolitan Police was that he was close to Andy Coulson who was then Advisor to David Cameron and seemed destined to move with … Continue reading

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