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The New Year Honours for 2021

The honouring by the Government and the Queen for a significant number of people is very important as we begin a year that we can all hope will be much better than this year has been for COVID-19 and the … Continue reading

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We need a connection between Businesses and Policy makers

At the end of the week I had the opportunity to meet up with some other businesses in East Sussex that have a few common threads under the heading of “Scale up East Sussex”. One of the threads is that … Continue reading

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Architects need to understand how magnetic fields operate

Over the last few days I have been working on two separate tender documents produced for completion by electrical contractors that required the involvement of a specialist design company as part of the process. The specialism is in the design … Continue reading

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The cost of hearing inequality

In the last three days I have participated in several discussions with Architects, large scale builders and people who manage public buildings on behalf of the NHS. All of these discussions have been on the same topic, how to improve the experience for … Continue reading

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Have you had a good week?

According to this website, around 1 in 10 of us suffer from Tinnitus, some of us to a degree that we would classify ourselves as being disabled. Yet all 6 Million people are forced to hear sounds that the rest … Continue reading

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Lets loop the loops

On Friday I attended a workshop for residents of a local town who are deaf or have hearing impairments and are some of the 2M or so people in the UK whose hearing loss has led them to have a … Continue reading

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