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Is this the end of a very short but very positive era for Parliament?

We are at the start of a significant week for Parliament for a range of factors, most of which have been set up as a consequence of COVID-19. Clearly last week was a rather radical change for a very large … Continue reading

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Charity Commission obeyed Parliament and blocked free speech

Last Thursday a fascinating debate took place in Parliament which on the face of it involved both Lords and MPs although the only people who spoke were MPs and the irony of their frustration towards the Charity Commission was lost … Continue reading

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A lack of the Common Good

Sunday was a strange day for those of us who often vote Labour, watching the Party or at least its leadership, both locally and nationally demonstrating how it seems incapable of standing up for its own values. Nationally Harriet Harman claimed that because the Conservatives … Continue reading

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Lets change

The news from last week that David Cameron wants the nation to create a memorial for the victims from Tunisia and todays reflections on the 10th Anniversary of 7/7 are vital ways of reminding all of us that what has happened … Continue reading

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If’s But’s and U Turns

Following yesterdays publication of the £20M Howard Davies review of Airport expansion for the UK, focused on the South East we were assailed by a series of surprising comments in the House of Commons and on Radio 4. At Prime Ministers Questions, … Continue reading

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What does Euan have to tell us?

The news that the son of a recent Prime Minister is bidding to become the candidate in a constituency near where his Mother was brought is not really that significant. Many children follow their parents into certain lines of work, and long standing … Continue reading

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