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Due to Government U turns we clearly need an EU Referendum

As part of the manifesto of our current Government which led to their election just over a year ago the claim was “Our deal is the only one on the table. It is signed, sealed and ready. It puts the … Continue reading

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Sir Jim and Sir James are entitled to change their minds

Sir Jim Ratcliffe along with Sir James Dyson were both strong contributors as part of a small group of people in the UK in 2016 who had very extreme views about our nation leaving the EU and for the UK … Continue reading

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A tragic attempt to try to satisfy some dishonest claims

It is clear that whatever this new piece of legislation contains and however it will actually operate that if I was a very wealthy but unskilled person who wanted to bring in a few million pounds or dollars or possibly … Continue reading

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Lots of tricks, no prospects of a treat

On the way home from an evening meeting last night the Streets of Seaford, Newhaven, Peacehaven and Brighton seemed full of young men and women who were reclaiming the night in their own way. Dressed as zombies and in other … Continue reading

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