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Local politicians must listen to Karen Bradley and Stephen Lloyd

Over the last few weeks there has been a series of actions and debates that in my view demands a response from politicians at both a local and national level. The failure to do so may lead to the public … Continue reading

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Northern Ireland Secretary of State must now act

On Tuesday Evening Parliament held a debate about the extension of the executive formation for Northern Ireland. It was an interesting debate and whilst most of the people who participated were MPs for Northern Ireland, and therefore also mostly members … Continue reading

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The current Brexit plans have a direct impact on Sussex

My piece in todays Argus refers to how the return to public of Parliament last week generated a number of issues which have the potential to impact on Sussex community. Bizarrely two came under the heading of a very different … Continue reading

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A disturbing gap in Governmental understanding

The purpose of having Ministers in our Government is so they can focus on their departments responsibilities and then their understanding and ideas can be brought together as close as possible in an agreed solution by the Prime Minister in … Continue reading

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Government deceit or pure stupidity

In the last few days two separate proposals have emerged from the Government which gives the impression that they wish to improve the lives of people in our communities whilst at the same time ignoring completely the fact that they … Continue reading

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