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Well done Lewes and Anthony for your first rate BLM event

Over the weekend while a number of BLM events were taking place I saw several debates and even entered into a few that were focused on BLM and involved people who argued that campaign was in error for a number … Continue reading

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The i-Bin is here!

At a time of year when our household waste is at a peak, it is fascinating to read of this innovation being installed in London Streets. The bin which compacts rubbish so that it can contain more rubbish than other bins … Continue reading

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On the route from London to Rio

The news reports from Brazil in the last few days have reflected something of a transition, to my ears at least. The voices that our media have captured as they attempt to explain the  unrest on the Streets have distilled down … Continue reading

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Three months later…….

Three months after the London disturbances, another gang came to have fun in London last night intending to create some headlines. They consumed large quantities of alcohol and appear to have had a good time. These were not the rioters of August many … Continue reading

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Police and Crime Commissioners and their Deputies

As Harold Macmillan is widely reported to have suggested, the best of plans and ideas can catch us all out (or events, dear boy, events). Tonights Channel 4 news focused extensively on the Tottenham Riots and ended up with an … Continue reading

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