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We need a radical change at the next General Election

The recent rejection from the Conservative Party of 21 MPs has created something of a challenge and something of an opportunity for our nation. In order to ensure this is a balanced situation there are a number of Labour MPs … Continue reading

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We should welcome scrutiny

In my blog yesterday, I responded to the inept suggestion from Margaret Hodge that the current work of the Charity Commission should be passed to the Tax Office (HMRC) because she believes that they could do a better job. Whilst I was working … Continue reading

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The Taxman Cometh?

Margaret Hodge MP has proposed that under a future Labour Government, charities could be regulated by the Taxman, not the charity commission as they are at present – she is showing how once again our MPs don’t understand the charitable sector, nor … Continue reading

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Its time to balance the books

                o The similarity between David Copperfields Mr Micawber and David Camerons Eric Pickles in theory at least goes beyond the visual similarity in the images above. According to the words written for Uriah Heaps Clerk, “Annual income twenty pounds, annual … Continue reading

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