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Why are Statues set in place forever when buildings are not?

Apart from a very small number of examples such as the Presidents in Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, most statues are constructed by an artist and then installed in a particular location which logically makes them relatively easy to be … Continue reading

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Tories voted to stop working from home and move to their second homes

For many of us, it is great news that there has been significant changes which have taken place regarding COVID-19 over the last week or two or that are going to take place over the next few weeks. Sadly many … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Florence, and thank you to all Nurses and Midwives including Mary!

I am very proud of all of the people I have ever met who are Nurses, Midwives or who work in the NHS in contexts that help to make the settings better for all of us. One of my friends … Continue reading

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