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Any Questions hit a brick wall on COVID-19 last night

Sadly I only managed to listen to a very short part of the programme last night when the subject of COVID-19 was being discussed. I was left wondering how two people who clearly have a high profile and in one … Continue reading

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Can BBC Any Questions / Question Time try a more radical approach?

We are in the middle of a major crisis in our nation, and at long long last, after 10 weeks since the Coronavirus first arrived in our nation (albeit unknown at the time when it arrived in East Sussex), the … Continue reading

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Government as others see it

Last night on the Moral Maze (BBC Radio 4), the panel debated a subject which I am particularly interested in, that of the current relationship between the media and the Government with Charities. The views expressed were fascinating and could no … Continue reading

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The NHS and its Apps

According to Women’s Hour programme on Monday the NHS currently provides a list of Apps for weight loss on one of its websites. The Apps allow users to enter basic details of height and gender and a target weight. The Apps then … Continue reading

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Are we really like Pavlov’s pets?

This week I heard a reference to Pavlov and his dogs on a programme on Radio 4 which explained that due to a russian siege or winter (I really wasn’t listening fully), the poor dogs used by the Russian scientist … Continue reading

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