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Thank you for opposing your appalling Government

The 2019 Conservative Manifesto stated very clearly as shown here that they would “proudly maintain their commitment to spend 0.7% of our Gross National Income on development and do more to help countries receiving aid become self-sufficient” They never focused … Continue reading

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Government Ideas for corrupting democracy

According to this question in the House of Commons on Monday, the Government is abusing its power by spending our money on an attempt to win its own, supposedly  publicly accountable consultation, to build a National Holocaust Memorial Centre in … Continue reading

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Sussex travellers need some justification for todays 3.1% railfare increase

Parliamentary rules suggest that under most settings local people can only expect to hear from their own MP if they want to ask a question. However there are always going to be exceptions and the following is surely one of … Continue reading

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Jobs for the boys

Andrew Tyrie was an MP with mixed capabilities. He was first rate at challenging the Government (his own party) when it came to matters of financial credibility and was Chair of the Treasury Select Committee from 2010 to 2017. However … Continue reading

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Alexander (Boris), the far from great

The end of the political career of Boris Johnson must surely be in sight. His words last week regarding Putin are so far off the mark that they would barely raise an embarrassed chuckle from the friends of an inebriated … Continue reading

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Just before you set up the new lottery

On the 21st December Henry Smith, MP for Crawley and Maria Caulfield, MP for Lewes along with 49 other Parliamentarians signed a letter which was sent to three members of the Cabinet, calling for them to “to establish a new … Continue reading

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Time to change?

Yesterday twitter erupted with criticism and compliments towards the SNP. My own views were largely on the complimentary side of the debate. Firstly we had the flexing of muscles over a vote that has yet to take place, the amendment to fox hunting … Continue reading

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Access to representation

The actions of 38 Degrees, the lobbying charity have been mentioned here before on several occasions. I have expressed my view that whilst their approach can be rather overwhelming for those on the receiving end, such as MPs and MEPs, that … Continue reading

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