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This is a very damaging approach to support, Huw

It is clear that our whole world is facing major challenges regarding COVID-19 and equally there are many different views regarding the best way of doing so. It will not be possible to establish a common approach in every area … Continue reading

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After the EU, UNESCO then the UN and NATO and then where next?

The decision by our International Development Minister to publicly state her desire to withdraw us from the United Nations agency UNESCO should raise all sorts of concerns amongst the nation that created UNESCO and which has benefited enormously from it … Continue reading

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Today is the first day of …..

The idea that each day begins the rest of our lives is always easier to say than to apply to our behaviour. If that is the case on a personal level, imagine how hard it must be on a national … Continue reading

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So how are you going to respond now?

Friday was the culmination of a long and complex peace process which our Government has been opposed to. Those words alone should be a wake up call to all of us, we have a Government that would rather go to … Continue reading

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A bright orange future?

Today is the beginning of a 16 day focus on ending gender based violence around the world, beginning with today’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and ending on 10th December which is Human Rights Day. This … Continue reading

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Selective application of principles

On Friday Morning Sir John Major was on Radio 4 Today programme speaking about his experience of negotiating the Maastricht agreement back in the early 1990’s. He spoke about how a concept called subsidiarity was introduced into it which spoke about … Continue reading

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A four ring circus

When I wrote three days ago that I thought that there might be a better day ahead for Syria than the papers were predicting, I think I was being more optimistic than I dared hope. Since then we have seen … Continue reading

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Sir George and several dragons

On 29th July Sir George Young (leader of the House of Commons) appeared on Radio 4’s Today programme promoting a new approach to Parliamentary Business in order to help reconnect the public to the democratic process. This was to be based … Continue reading

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