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The unifying football success

I am really proud of the result in yesterdays football game and as the England team approaches the semi final it is fantastic that our football players are committed to a unified nation that is proud to be playing with … Continue reading

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Government ignores an attempt to help poor people in Wales

On Monday afternoon there was a very useful question that emerged at the end of the Topical Questions to the Work and Pensions Department. The question came from the MP for Swansea West. Geraint Davies was brought up in Cardiff … Continue reading

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Strengthening the Union requires a changed approach

Yesterday the Hastings MP, Sally-Ann Hart asked a question which was sadly not answered very well by Chloe Smith who is the Assistant Whip for the Cabinet Office and is the MP for Norwich North. Clearly for a Hastings MP … Continue reading

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Britain’s Trump needs to be challenged over his media barriers

The decision by Boris and his media team to control when he is given questions and when he speaks is clearly something his mentor, Donald would support. However we are not the US and Boris is not our President, he … Continue reading

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We must support all rural communities

Although I have visited Northern Ireland on several occasions and know some folk who live there, I don’t have a very good handle on how the recent alliance between the Conservative Party and the DUP will have impacted the politics … Continue reading

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The lessons from Gibraltar

When a community responds to a referendum to the tune of 96% in the opposite direction to the majority of voters it seems very unjust for its voters to have their concerns overlooked throughout the subsequent debate. The residents of … Continue reading

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What is so special about Wrexham?

Wrexham is the largest town in North Wales with a population of a mere 42,000 people. It is a town with a varied industrial history and one of the largest brown field sites in the area is the old Firestone Tyres factory … Continue reading

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Flags and things

Have a great St Davids day wherever you are and whatever your roots. The preparations for a Welsh weekend on Radio 4 appeared to begin on Gardeners Question Time with a question about a Leek that was growing at right angles, … Continue reading

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