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When were you planning to consult us?

For several years the City Council here in Brighton & Hove have been involved in discussions with their colleagues in Adur & Worthing, Mid Sussex and Lewes to explore a concept they call the Greater Brighton Economic Area. The idea … Continue reading

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Too little and too late, sadly!

Today MPs are to hold the second reading of the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill. It seems as far away from the emergency debate on Syria, last Thursday as it is possible to get, however there are certain parallels. … Continue reading

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Size and breadth affects all of us

The Conservative party is being dragged kicking and screaming to admit that their individual membership has fallen to its lowest ever level, possibly as low as 100,000 people as reported in yesterdays Independent and this morning on Radio 4. The fact … Continue reading

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We need good links to the Home Office

In the eight months since the election of the 41 Police and Crime Commissioners across England and Wales, the relationship between Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner has varied from the positive and warm to the down right hostile … Continue reading

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Strange routes to Power

The local elections last month were marked by a turnout of a mere 30% of electors across the country and a range of different studies show that the residents of the UK are less supportive of our political processes than in the … Continue reading

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Francis found a carpet after all

On Tuesday (21st May), Parliament broke up for its traditional Whitsun holiday. The MPs and Lords are due to reconvene on Monday 3rd June when around a 1000 legislators will be back at their desks ready to challenge the Government on its actions and … Continue reading

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In defence of the indefensible

I am no apologist for any of the Ministers in the Government and support few of the coalitions policies. However, and despite flying in the face of the views of the 408,000 signatories to a recent petition including 100’s of personal friends, I feel obliged to pen a few … Continue reading

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We need a Troubled Government Programme

The Troubled Families Programme headed up by Louise Casey was established by the Government to coordinate services for families whose lives seem very chaotic and who require interventions from a range of different statutory organisations (eg Social Services, Housing, Health and often also the Police). … Continue reading

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How much is rotten in the state of Westminster

In May 2010 it was clear that the new cabinet arrived in Whitehall with almost no knowledge of its processes and even less sympathy with existing programmes and initiatives. Any new management is bound to want to make changes and the perceived … Continue reading

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