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Most days of the year I write a few words on what I consider as either a timely subject or a reflective piece and every Monday The Argus newspaper publishes that days blog in a column entitled ‘I do like Mondays’. Most of what I write has a political nature, not in an overt party political sense but to quote Wikipedia “Politics (from Greek: politikos, meaning “of, for, or relating to citizens”) is the practice and theory of influencing other people on a civic or individual level”. Although my own politics are left of centre the current model of political parties with their various controlling interests and thirst for power is well and truly broken. It is also hard to find a party which is competent enough to take  charge of our nation for any length of time, and certainly not for five years as our current Governments have demonstrated! The dogma that lies behind each of these parties is too strong to go unchallenged until such time as these parties are willing to acknowledge their fundamental weaknesses. In any case it is vital for independent voices to speak out so that there is a strong counter narrative. Thanks for reading these posts and do please provide me with feedback.

“You write well Ian. You bring a broad range of experience into how you view the World and write about. If only we were in power!” Martin Campbell

“Thanks Ian another good column” Arron Hendy Argus Editor/Head of Content

“Ian has always been an extremely balanced man” Jane Gould Smith, CEO of Clean Sheet

“I read your characteristically great article” – Peter Kyle, Hove Labour MP

“Thoughtful commentary” – Michael Keegan (husband of Gillian Keegan, Chichester MP)

“oh God. Another smug, whiney, ill informed, statist, “know it all”, pompous, up themselves, utterly pathetic, left wing lunatic. Spare me.” – Mark Littlewood, Institute of Economic Affairs who promptly blocked me from following him on twitter!

“Don’t be so bloody cynical. Had same sort of shit from Ian Chisnall” – Councillor Andrew Wealls, Hove Tory

“A fellow blogger, whom I always trust to give an honest and thoughtful opinion on political matters” – Jack Darrant

“Well worth a read” Bernard Rix, CEO of CoPACC

“A well reasoned and informative piece on the pomposity of politicians” – Christopher Kirk

“A friend and prolific blogger” – Andy Winter, Huffington Post

“Another interesting observation from Ian Chisnall – Chris Cooke (RIP)

13 Responses to My blog

  1. Sally Wilkin says:

    Hi Ian have you seen this report we need more people to talk about RTO and how we can regulate it. Thanks

    • ianchisnall says:

      Hi Sally, I am aware of the problems with door step lending and payday lenders. I would certainly write something about either of these issues if I felt I had something to say, thank you for the suggestion.

  2. says:

    Сe pst estt vraiment plein de bon sens

  3. kasfig says:

    Dear Ian
    Just a passing greeting from you namesake Ian Chisnall 🙂

  4. John says:

    I’m writing about the PCC 2016 elections.
    Did you get so many votes in 2012 just because you an Independent or was there a strategic publicity campaign ?



    • ianchisnall says:

      Thanks for the question John, I know we have now spoken, but for anyone else interested, i worked for around 18 months to build up my profile amongst groups of people I considered would be motivated to vote. The fact that this pathetic Government and its predeccesor think it is ok to hold £70M elections without spending smaller sums to ensure that all of us know who the candidates are is a sign that democracy in its current form is in need either of a coffin or CPR.

  5. Great Argus Opinion letter. .As you state we all make mistakes. However your mistake in turning a blind eye to corruption takes some beating.

  6. An apology from the Home Office! See Brighton Scandal.

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