Terrorism in all but name!

images (106)The appalling news from Edmonton yesterday afternoon of the tragic death of 82 year old Palmira Silva was accompanied by a subjective public statement that this was not an act of Terrorism. It is clear from that statement that the 25 year old man suspected of the murder was not conducting a campaign of Jihad, nor that there was an Irish or even Italian link (Mrs Silva was Italian). However to suggest that this news has not caused a sense of terror amongst many residents of London is abject nonsense unless your emotional compass is so twisted that the only thing which matters is the views of our political leaders and their security services. An excellent blog written by a lady called Karen Ingala Smith explains why this death is not an isolated case and questions why David Cameron and his Cabinet have not already been holding COBRA meetings about the series of brutal beheadings of a number of women in London in recent months and even over several years.

It is clear from many people who have the freedom to tweet and blog, that the rumours of yet more military incursions into Iraq and possible incursions into Syria are creating anxiety and fear if not a mild sense of terror amongst some of us here in the UK. Let alone the sense of terror caused in the two nations under threat from our expensive and sophisticated munitions. Terrorism is not the sole domain of the actions of people unlike us. It is clearly very understandable that the threat of a public beheading of a British National filmed by his captors for us all to watch is in a different league from the unexpected and unpredicted deaths of the women mentioned in Karens blog whose deaths were not filmed as far as we know. However the apparent lack of interest in these cases even afterwards, by our media and politicians is inexcusable. Frankly I am a great deal less interested in what David Cameron or Bernard Hogan Howe define as terrorism, than what they are doing to keep us all safe. What matters to me is what residents of Edmonton or any other neighbourhood believe is causing terror. Sadly and appallingly the Police, Government and media show no sign of listening to residents, the evidence of this is made clear in yesterdays crass statement about terrorism, and the failure to include any news of Mrs Silva and her murder in last nights News at 10, yet several minutes were given over to the anticipated death of a Scottish man! Our language is not for sale or the sole domain of news cycles and political hacks.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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