Listening needs to be ongoing and not just a focus on MPs views

Theresa MayAs we hear that this week is judged to be a critical week in the Brexit arrangements and yet that our voices will not be requested to be heard ever again, it is good to reflect back on the last 35 months and indeed last year in Parliament. Theresa May spoke about her listening  focus 179 times since we voted in the referendum. Of those speeches she spoke about this focus 108 times (60%) over the last 12 months and of those occasions 12 times as shown below relate to the need to listen to the public, so this suggests that our voices only count for 20% of the whole picture and the balance of 80% currently comes from Parliament, which shows how poor the picture really is.

11th April: We have been listening to business, of course, and we have been talking and listening to trade unions and civil society, but we are looking at a more formal way of doing that. Arrangements for that will be set out in due course.
15th January: I ask Members on all sides of the House to listen to the British people who want this issue settled.
17th December 2018: I assure the hon. Lady that I do listen to voters and I do talk to voters.
26th November 2018: I do listen to the public, and when I go knocking on doors and listening to what people say.
15th November 2018: My own constituency voted remain, as it happens, and we have been listening to people across the country. We have been listening to businesses; we have been listening to individuals.
9th July 2018: We have been listening to manufacturers, to businesses, to farmers and to others up and down the country who provide jobs.
9th July 2018: In the two years since the referendum we have had a spirited national debate, with robust views echoing around the Cabinet table, as they have around breakfast tables up and down the country. Over that time I have listened to every possible idea and every possible version of Brexit.
2nd July 2018: We have indeed been listening to British business. We have also listened to European businesses that are investing here in the United Kingdom.
27th June 2018: We have been meeting with business and we are listening to business.
27th June 2018: We have been consistently listening to business throughout the negotiations so far.
27th June 2018: If he wants to listen to business, he should listen to Scottish business.
13th June 2018: The British people were given the choice on whether to stay in the European Union, and they were given that choice through the overwhelming vote of this Parliament. It is right that we listen to the British people.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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