Two Brexiteer journalists named Simon point out its catastrophic impact

ReferendumThere are many journalists who either personally or corporately oppose our remaining in the EU. However as they attempt to carry out their work it becomes clearer and clearer that our departure from the EU is nonsensical and that we need to revisit or rather revoke Article 50. The two journalists in todays blog are both called Simon and it is clear from their comments that they oppose us remaining, yet what they write makes it clear that we must stay. Simon Jenkins stated in this Guardian column piece last night

“Even as a stubborn Eurosceptic, I can see no conceivable benefit in Britain leaving Europe’s economic area on 31 October, least of all without any sort of customs deal….I have attended Brexit seminars, briefings and rallies over the past two years and am baffled by the absence by any remotely positive case for it – other than on the softest of single market models”

Clearly for other people who would not describe themselves as being Eurosceptics and indeed like me believe our role in the EU is vital for our nation as it is for the rest of the EU and indeed for the world as a whole, the question has to be, who can offer a positive case for our departure. So then in this online piece Simon Walters who is a journalis for the Daily Mail and has interviewed Theresa May in the last few days writes “There is no escaping the fact that her job was to deliver the wishes of the 52 per cent of people who voted to leave in the 2016 EU referendum and those who voted to remain but realised that the vote must be honoured.” Now of course such a statement can be treated as an argument for us to leave. However the reversal of it is that if he and the rest of the society accept that around 34% of the electorate did not vote and 48% of those who voted did not wish for us to leave, and of the 52% who voted to leave, many have now been let down by the false promises, that in fact the job of the Prime Minister was to take that perspective into account and now we are heading towards 4 years since the referendum, that our nation’s views need to be revisited, not simply treated as though they have not changed. Indeed given that Simon Walters is willing to refer to the reflection after the referendum of some of those who voted to remain, that in fact we need to consider everyones views, not just those he wants to consider!

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