Two useful elements for next week in Parliament

It is always worth looking at what is being planned for the week ahead in Parliament, even though on far too many occasions the content is deeply disturbing. That is certainly primarily true for next week. All of a sudden the majority of the week is being set aside to enable Boris Johnson with the guidance from Dominic Cummings and support from Michael Gove to promote and indeed debate in a sort of way a new proposed Act which is the Internal Market Bill. Let us hope that Parliament finds a way of preventing this from getting through as we are going to return to the mid 1970’s in terms of our reputation as a nation as a result of that. However I did spot at least two useful and valuable elements.

The first is the one that is due to take place on Thursday and it is by far the most important element for the whole week of Parliament. The challenge of course is that having a General Debate which is being led by the MP for my home location, Caroline Lucas, on what is happening for self-employed and freelance workers will not in itself lead to a change, but the more often such matters are raised in Parliament, the greater the prospect of any change. I hope that people such as my contact Tony Robinson and his extensive network of people involved in Micro Businesses will be able to benefit from this debate and indeed be able to use the words spoken to challenge their MPs to do more. Clearly the involvement of Tim Farron who used to lead the Liberal Democrats from Cumbria, Drew Hendry who is an SNP MP, Claire Hanna who is from Labour and along with Stephen Farry is from Northern Ireland and Liz Saville Roberts who is the group leader of Plaid Cymru covers all of the UK in a very broad sense. This has a great potential for the whole of Parliament outside of the Conservative Party to all understand what is happening and call on the Government to improve its provision for the millions of people who are part of this business sector.

The other theme is very local to those of us who live or work in Wealden and it will take place on Tuesday at the end of the second day’s debate on the Internal Market Bill which will leave something positive that day from Nusrat Ghani, our MP who wants to talk about Michelham Priory which is a lovely part of her constituency.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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