How deep our Government has sunk in its corruption

It is very clear that the current Government like many of its predecessors has set out to try to resolve challenging elements for our society. Sadly like many of their predecessors the way they do some aspects can be very disturbing. One recent example is how a few hours before the end of term the Department for Education has suddenly demanded that at the beginning of the next term after Christmas that every secondary school will need to carry out COVID testing for their pupils. Given that they have sent very little information is bad enough. However significant parts of the nation along with the Schools and Parliament will be closed between now and the 4th January. Despite this a great many people including me have respect for the positive aspects that the Government has achieved. For example they have tried to use Furlough to protect many people and I and many other people I know have benefited from that. However there are also a great many areas where they have left gaps and worse still where they have taken a corrupt approach. When they handed out many of the contracts for COVID protective gear, they ignored their own rules to enable businesses to apply for the contracts and very disturbingly handed the contracts to people who are their friend or their political supporters. Given the huge sums of money involved this is even more disturbing.

However as the tweet above demonstrates their decision to hand a House of Lords Peerage to this wealthy Russian supporter of their Political Party takes them well over the line. This decision makes our Government far more corrupt than many of their other appalling decisions. The House of Lords is part of our nations Parliament. His role places us into a very bad place as we prepare to leave the EU, given that many people claimed that they voted to leave in order to return the British Sovereignty to our Parliament. Given that he lives in Russia and Italy as well as having premises in the UK it is unlikely that Lord Lebedev is a conventional British taxpayer which is surely one of the criteria for such roles. Along with these aspects a case like this could significantly raise the prospect of Scotland or Northern Ireland wanting Independence from our Nation. Finally there are the reasons for asking why Evgeny Alexanderovich Lebedev is being treated so differently to the other people wanting to come into our nation who are not British? The numbers of Russian Asylum Seekers is not large but there are many from Russia and elsewhere that this Government treats as criminals. Presumably they are judged as criminals because their sums of money and donations are not comparable with what has come from Lord Lebedev!

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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