Thank you Home Office for challenging Farage’s dishonest tweet

The twitter shown here from Nigel Farage appeared at around 8am on Saturday about an hour before he was invited onto a TV programme to speak about the same issue and he added to it very significantly. In that interview which he has published on his own twitter account he enhances the claim that he makes on the first tweet. However on the piece on the TV he also refers to an agency he called as the Border Force that is testing the people coming onto our coast. So just to be clear the Border Force website page which is located here explains

Border Force is a law enforcement command within the Home Office. We secure the UK border by carrying out immigration and customs controls for people and goods entering the UK.

Border Force is part of the Home Office.

So back to the piece on the TV that Farage has published on his tweet account he states

What I can tell you exclusively is this one of the migrant boats with 12 on board was picked by by Border Force and I’m guessing one or two of the people in the boat did not look very well. What I do know is that Border Force COVID tested the 12 on the boat and guess what, all 12 have tested positive.

The Home Office responded to his twitter at around 8pm yesterday and it is clear that his claim is incorrect, based on their tweet. After all they would know if the 12 people were all suffering from COVID. If perhaps 10 of them or even 6 were testing positive one could argue that there was some misunderstanding. However given that the Home Office is stating very clearly that 0 of the 12 had tested positive that makes Farages claim that 12 out of the 12 were testing positive very disturbing. Particularly as he has no way of obtaining such information. However sadly he is able to communicate via the TV and twitter to literally thousands of people and of course the denial by the Home Office does not appear on the TV or indeed on Farage’s twitter account. Farage on the TV presentation goes on to say.

“The outrage of this is that we have given the French Government another £28m to stop these migrant boats from coming and yet this week the French Navy after escorting these vessels across into British waters for the border force to pick up, we are literally paying the French to now import COVID into the UK at the same time we are being told by Matt Hancock we must stay at home and I think that is outrageous.”

There is clearly a need for those of us who do not agree with Nigel Farage to prevent his lies to be promoted so well. After all, he is claiming that the Asylum seekers which he claims are illegal which is of course untrue are bringing COVID into the UK, yet his claim that up to 40 are arriving a day can be compared to the 15,000 people coming into our nation each day through more usual transportation setting. Yet even if all of the 40 people he claims are coming in to the UK from France were suffering from COVID that represents 0.26% of the numbers who arrive each day and there is a very good chance that our borders are bringing in many more people with COVID than 40 each day, although of course the other 15,000 are coming in through our nations front door.

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