Four headlines in the last 24 hours

Its fascinating that the Daily Express is simply one of the Newspapers that for many years has encouraged us to vote to leave the EU and then when our Nation had done so it told us that leaving was the right thing to do. They are now working out that our departure has cost our economy a fortune and we may never return to a position of strength. The final headline is from the Guardian which unlike the Daily Express has been very consistent that departing from the EU would cause us enormous pain. Clearly the newspapers are not alone in terms of the nation and indeed the politicians. There are a significant number of MPs who knew our departure was very dangerous, but unfortunately the number and indeed the dominance of the Brexit based MPs was much greater. So they agree for us to go and indeed left it till the last minute for negotiating our departure. The articles are here and one can read them and then get very disappointed that the MPs and indeed the Ministers chose to move us out without bothering to explain that our departure would deeply damage our nation. Perhaps in due course some credible people will return to the Conservative Party and the Labour Party and begin to argue for us to return to the EU. In the meantime we will be faced with a loss of many industries and increased cost for many others. The company I work with is being told that many of the products we used to be able to obtain within 48 hours from our orders is now needing to wait 3-4 weeks which of course is not the end of the world but it is certainly not very useful when people still expect us to get a quick turnaround.

Fishermen say ‘we’ve been shafted again….

Britons react as Germany deports….

Helen Skelton’s Brexit warning….

UK Shellfish farmers threaten….

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