One Minister who wants excellent trading with the EU

One of the Sussex MPs became a Minister back in February although I did not notice he had done so until this week. However on the 8th of July his role changed post the planned resignation from the Prime Minister. So Andrew Griffith who was appointed as the Director of the Number 10 Policy Unit
Minister for Policy on the 3rd February is now the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Exports. On Thursday two Labour MPs, Helen Hayes and Rupa Huq asked a question “What steps she plans to take to help increase trade with the EU.” and the person who answered was Andrew Griffith. His response was as follows and indeed there were other questions and responses later on from a range of MPs and Andrew Griffith. The section was under the heading of Trade with the EU.

Andrew Griffith: This Government continue to seek an excellent trading relationship with our former EU partners, just as we do with other international markets. Hon. Members will be pleased to note that goods exported to the EU for May 2022 were over 17% higher than the 2018 monthly average, so trade here is already increasing. To increase exports, we need to get more British businesses exporting, and to do that the Department has initiatives such as the Export Academy and the export champions scheme that help to give them the knowledge and practical help that they need.

It makes some of us wonder if we could improve our connection to the European Union by rejoining it, I wonder if Andrew Griffith would be willing to consider this?

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