This MP is understandably frustrated by the Government

When I wrote yesterday about the votes that took part towards the Government last Monday, I pointed out that Nusrat Ghani who is the MP for Wealden was the only Sussex Conservative MP who did not vote to endorse the Government. This was significant because along with her being an ex Minister she is now the the vice chair of the 1922. Since I wrote the piece yesterday which is also included as a column in our Argus newspaper I have seen this question that she raised last Thursday. While that may not have had any connection with her voting on the Monday it is clearly understandable that she must be frustrated by the Government. Here is the question from Nusrat and the answer which was provided by Michael Ellis, the current Minister of State for the Cabinet Office. The reality is that if something went wrong in 2020 for Nusrat who was once a Minister it is very disturbing that the report from the Government will now probably not be available until 2023. Indeed we clearly need the Government to be challenged by such an appalling situation. Anyway here is the question and answer which is very poor quality.

Nusrat Ghani: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office, with reference to the investigation by the Prime Minister’s Independent Adviser on Ministers’ Interests into the events related to the hon. Member for Wealden’s departure from Government in February 2020, for what reason that report has not been published; and if he will publish that report before a new Prime Minister takes office.

Michael Ellis: This investigation had not been completed by Lord Geidt prior to his resignation. The investigation, therefore, remains outstanding. The Prime Minister has taken the decision that the investigation should be a matter for a new Independent Adviser function, as soon as appointed by his successor.

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