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Does our Government understand what accountability means?

Most politicians if challenged about making themselves accountable will argue that they get voted for by their constituents at each General Election and that is their key form of accountability. However it is clear to everyone else that setting out … Continue reading

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Looser use of language

“We’re all familiar that Boris has a looser use of language, this is not the first time this has happened” said Malcolm Rifkind on last nights Newsnight. The fact that a predecessor of Boris believes this is acceptable behaviour, questions … Continue reading

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Training people in low skills is needed?

In an interview on Monday night’s newsnight, Iain Duncan Smith explains what sort of barriers to immigration he believes that the Government will impose post Brexit. He was interviewed by Emily Maitlis who carefully asked who would be let in. … Continue reading

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What has UKIP got in store for us next?

Nigel Farage spoke on the Andrew Marr show on 31st August 2008 to Emily Maitlis “I mean we in Britain have seventy five per cent of our laws now made in Brussels and the same is happening to those new … Continue reading

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Bedroom Tax, we can fix it, or perhaps we can’t

One of the features on Newsnight last night was a discussion on the Governments single room subsidy or bedroom tax policy. The topic was chosen by the Newsnight team, fronted by Emily Maitlis following the release of some data that had been gathered by the … Continue reading

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