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We need the Criminal Justice System to be recovered

Over a decade ago from 2004 to 2009 I was Chair of a committee that the Government at that time created which was the Surrey and Sussex Courts Board. It was a very effective group even though it did not … Continue reading

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The urgent need for Court Maintenance to take place

It is great news that after a decade of Court cuts by the current Governments politician’s including when they were in charge of the coalition Government, that finally they are about to start funding the desperately needed Court Maintenance provision. … Continue reading

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MPs need to understand how we all benefit from charities

On Tuesday in the House of Commons there was a discussion by MPs under the theme of Topical Questions – Justice and the person who was being approached by MPs was Robert Buckland who is the Lord Chancellor and Secretary … Continue reading

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All of the Sussex Conservative MPs refuse to work from home

We are at the beginning of week ten since the Prime Minister announced “From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction – You must stay at home because the critical thing we must do to … Continue reading

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Can we ask all Governments to permanently maintain listening mode?

This morning on the Radio it was announced that Robert Buckland had announced that in the light of the reactions from a range of Councils and Teachers that the Government was going to set out in listening mode over the … Continue reading

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A Government that calls for unity must work hard to achieve it

Our new Prime Minister stated very clearly on Saturday Morning “That is why it is now so urgent for us to move on and build a new relationship with our friends in the EU on the basis of a new … Continue reading

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Stories of self imposed chaos

The weekend has brought several political revelations, all of which should tip us over the edge sufficiently to radically change the way in which we respond to our ‘once every 5 years’ chance to choose what our Government looks like. … Continue reading

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