Sally-Ann and Hilary with 19 other elected Colleagues

This afternoon the MP for Hastings will be busy between 4pm and 6pm along with the Chair of the Committee on the Future Relationship with the European Union and 19 of their other colleagues. It is due to be a private meeting which is the only official item taking place in Parliament today. The information is available here. The title is Progress of the negotiations on the UK’s Future Relationship with the EU and the item refers to an Inquiry and it then goes on to explain it has launched an overarching inquiry looking at all aspects of the negotiations between the UK and EU, which began in Brussels the week of 2 March 2020. It states that the Committee welcomes written evidence submissions to its inquiry, particularly those that address the following questions of which two include:

  • How prepared is the UK Government to negotiate and implement the future relationship with the EU, including in the event a free trade agreement is not secured? Which aspects of the future relationship could be negotiated after the transition period?
  • How effectively is the Government consulting with businesses, stakeholders, and the devolved institutions, to inform the UK negotiating position?

Then tomorrow at 9.30am Parliament will be recalled for

Legislation – The House of Commons is recalled to debate legislation to give effect to the Agreement with the EU in UK law

And in at least one source it has been indicated that along with the 50 or so MPs who can attend that there will be a motion to provide for virtual participation in the debate and also the first and then second reading of the European Union (Future Relationship) Bill. In the meantime for those of us who may be interested in raising our concerns yet again, at about 8.30pm on Sunday (27th December) so around 38 hours ago I was alerted to a petition that calls for a

Referendum on re-joining the EU

The Government should give UK voters the opportunity to vote on whether they want the Government to open negotiations on re-joining the European Union.

The nature of UK’s European Union departure now seems unrecognisable from the promises of the Vote Leave campaign. Promises made in 2016 have not and cannot be delivered.

The Government now is proposing a version of Brexit that I don’t think anyone voted for. This is an affront to democratic norms. A second referendum is long overdue following a catalogue of broken promises. UK voters now finally deserve to have another say.

At that point the petition which was set out by Andrew Bishop can be found here had 10,300 signatures and it now has just over 14,000 signatures. Clearly it is some way short of the 100,000 it would need for MPs tomorrow to raise much about it and it will take several weeks for the Government to bother responding. However it seems worthwhile signing it as we still have 2 days before the end of our relationship with the EU that many of us are keen to retain

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