At what stage will this challenge get dealt with?

Back in April last year Johnny Mercer is claimed to have told the Conservative Chief Whip that he intended to resign and he was dismissed by Boris Johnson. His comment which appears here was collected by a series of newspapers. Late yesterday a chap called Jeff Stone @JeffSto40037019 published this image with his statement “This speaks for itself. Please retweet so the whole world can see what this government is really like.” and a friend of mine Bernie Mayall @MayallMMent retweeted it with the statement “One of the good guys.” which I certainly agree her with. The fact is that along with Johnny Mercer another 147 Conservative MPs voted for Boris Johnson to be removed as the leader of their Political Party on the 6th June and then as I wrote here back on the 24th June, that along with these 148 Conservative MPs at least one other Conservative person and possibly a second were also calling for Johnson to be removed post that voting arrangement. One of them was Michael Howard who stepped down from the House of Commons on 2010 so he did not vote. The other Conservative person back on the 24th June was Oliver Dowden who until that point was the Chairman of the Conservative Party and so he may well not have voted against Boris. These two people however were then very clearly calling for Johnson to go, even though the 211 people who voted for him on the 6th June and in effect gave him at least another year to work for his Party. On the same blog I also referred to the call from the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey who I met nearly 20 years ago. On the 7th June Ed Davey set out an Early Day Motion which can be seen here and provides this text

That this House has no confidence in the Prime Minister because he has broken the covid-19 lockdown laws that his Government introduced, has presided over a culture of serial rule-breaking in Downing Street, has undermined standards in public life, and has failed to take action to support millions of families in the midst of a cost of living emergency.

Sadly apart from my MP, Caroline Lucas and a Northern Ireland MP Stephen Farry, so far the only people who have endorse this EDM are the 13 Liberal Democrats who were MPs when the document was published. Perhaps we could call on our own MPs to sign it as if there are a couple of hundred signatures it is possible for this to be debated in the House of Commons, based on the text for EDMs.

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I am passionate about the need for public policies to be made accessible to everyone, especially those who want to improve the wellbeing of their communities. I am particularly interested in issues related to crime and policing as well as health services and strategic planning.
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